PAGTATAP Foundation

PAGTATAP Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization founded in 1986 and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 28, 1990. The group is made up of people from the town of Pandan, province of Antique and is actively led by professionals, community leaders and concerned citizens of the municipality. Its priority objectives are:

To promote an integrated public health program thru delivery of medical counselling and assistance, health care counselling, and eventually thru establishment of treatment centers for the more prevalent ailments.

To facilitate the delivery of support programs and self-help projects towards laying down the foundations for accelerating the progress and development of the town.

To engage in socio-economic activities that would cultivate cooperation, unity and goodwill among the townspeople.

For several years, PAGTATAP has been actively organizing medical missions that provided free medical treatment and medicine with the help of volunteer professionals and solicited medical materials. It has also been instrumental in organizing youth physical fitness and sports activities aimed at developing good moral values, health consciousness, camaraderie, and cooperation. The organization also actively supports and participates in certain projects of the local government. More ambitious but significantly more important plans are undertaken with the involvement of more capable institutions here and abroad.

Seeing to the proper administration and conduct of the affairs of PAGTATAP is a core group of professionals and career people from Pandan. These group make up the Board of Directors of the organization. They are from the field of medicine, accountancy, law, engineering, dentistry, education, and also include community leaders, and businessmen. The majority of the estimated 700-strong membership of this group are students, residents, civil servants, laborers, migrants from the town, housewives, senior citizens, and farmers. These are people who try their best at voluntarily rendering a portion of their valuable time and energy for the good of their beloved town. PAGTATAP is an organization with less in monetary resources buth rich in humanitarian values and noble causes. It hopes to be the focal vehicle for expediting and channeling external assistance to the town without the counter-productive bureaucratic and political impediments.


PAGTATAP USA is a non-profit public benefit organization registered in the State of California with 501 (c) 3 status under Internal Revenue Service code. Membership is worldwide with office located in San Diego, California. The organization is actively involved in projects geared towards the cultural preservation and enhancement of the lives, health, and general well being of its members and supporters. PAGTATAP USA is instrumental in the following:

Collaborate with Non Governmental Organization in providing safe drinking water in Pandan, Antique Philippines and help maintain the watershed by promoting conservation and preserve low elevation forest in Northwest Panay Peninsula.

Annually, a group of doctors, dentists, surgeons and other health professionals provide their services for free at Pandan, Antique’s hospital where the facilities are below par. PAGTATAP USA supports the needs of these medical missions.

Other projects include awarding annual scholarship grant for the deserving high school and college students, support for PAGTATAP YOUTH by providing leadership training and collaborate with PAGTATAP FOUNDATION, INC. in environmental issues concerning the welfare of the community.

Promote health and wellness by supporting athletic events like the boat rowing contest and marathon.

Support private foundation in promoting music education, an after school band music program for elementary and high school students.

PAGTATAP USA (Pagtiriripon tang mga taga Pandan sa USA) was founded on October16, 1987 in West Covina, California. The word “pagtatap” is a dialect meaning “to care”.

PAGTATAP Youth Pandan

PAGTATAP YOUTH is a group of young and dedicated individuals, mostly students, which was established in Pandan, Antique, Philippines on December 1995 to help as volunteers for the Workcamp with the youth volunteers from Japan for the construction of Pandan Waterworks Friendship Project (PWFP).

In 2001, the group was revitalized and open its membership through a Youth Camp organized and supported by PAGTATAP Foundation Inc. and PAGTATAP – USA. The Youth Camp has then become an annual activity as the venue of the members to dialogue, learn new insights, plan activities and develop teamwork.

With the desire to care and share to the community, the PAGTATAP Youth has embarked in many activities such as tree planting, river clean-up, reading and writing tutorials, gift giving to indigents, assist as marshals in PAGTATAP medical mission and volunteer for town fiesta activities.