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  1. Cdr Arthur Dioso Arradaza USNR (Retired) says:

    Hello To all of you out there in Pandan, Antique.

    I am the Second son of Evangeline Dioso Arradaza. My grand father is Efimaco Dioso. I’ve been in Pandan during my childhood years. I would love to know and hopefully visit with my Mom’s blood line relatives in the near future. My mom pass away 21 Sep 2007. I will be visiting R.P. Specially Pandan this coming summer. I am a retired US Naval Aviator, serve for over 24 years. I have a wife and five children.
    Hope to hear from anyone soon.


    Art Butch Dioso Arradaza
    10106 Belfort Dr.
    Frisco, TX. 75035
    (214) 632 0153 Direct Mobile

  2. michie says:

    i belong to estolloso’s clan. my father’s province is in antique..

  3. bong v.q.sanchez says:

    The Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) is up for ratification by the Philippine senate this year. However, there are socio-environmental and equity issues on fisheries trade and investments that demand answers or solutions from policymakers of both countries.

    The Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) is a comprehensive economic agreement that puts the Philippines at a serious disadvantage. It poses several socio-environmental and equity issues that have grave implications on the well being and future of the Filipino people.

    Threat of overfishing and fisheries collapse

    While there is no fishery access agreement with Japan and the Philippines, Japanese commercial fishing may be allowed under JPEPA terms because in its definition of “Area” (Article 2) where investments and services may be undertaken includes the territorial waters of the country and its Exclusive Economic Zone. The richness on marine products in Pandan Bay will be a fallacy once JPEPA comes into play. It may come to the exhaustion of BANTALAAN, MAUEK, KASAG and ISOK. Mantenir lamang it tagitis?
    There is likewise a need to further study the implication of the inclusion of manatee, dugongs, whales and dolphins in both the Philippine and Japanese schedules of tariff elimination of products. In fact, the Philippines has agreed to immediate elimination of tariffs for these marine mammals upon entry into force of the agreement.
    On Labor

    JPEPA will ease restrictions in Japan’s labour market to accommodate more Filipino healthcare professionals kuno.

    The Philippine government has used the annual entry of 400 Filipino nurses and 600 caregivers under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) as one of main reasons why the Senate should ratify the free trade accord. Yet foreign nurses and caregivers who want to work in Japan may find working conditions there exploitative or even discriminatory, according to a study. Kalolooy ang mga weapahon nga Pandananons who will try their luck in Japan.

    Let’s campaign for non-ratification of the deal and help reclaim the country’s economic sovereignty. It’s a NO DEAL!

    I came across in the net that an international signature drive has been launched in Bangkok, Thailand asking the Philippine Senate to recall the ratification of the controversial Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).

    How bout having the same in the US, Canada, UK, Arab Nations, Europe, etc. spearheaded by Pandananons? Let’s do our part before it would be too late…Budlay mag-angkit it siko. Hehehe!

  4. Dear PAGTATAP Foundation,

    I am for many years trying to locate the relatives of
    MATEO D. ESTOLLOSO and in the process made it your website.
    At one instance, Ms. Juliet by her name in the Guest Book of
    one of my martial art associates in the UK, wrote her appreciation for our association`s reverence for her uncle
    Mateo D. Estolloso who was my Arnis (Baston) teacher.
    Until today his legacy lives. I am at the moment the most senior among his students and head of Abaniko Tres Puntas System- a worldwide federation of Arnis practitioners
    which recognizes Lolo Mateo D. Estolloso as our Grandmaster,
    a native of Antique. Please forward this message to Ms. Juliet
    or to any relatives. May i request, a reply.
    Damu gid nga salamat. Kaloy-an kita sang Ginoo.

    email :

  5. bheng add ta ikaw sa ym ko para man kon may tyempo kaw nga maka online estoryahanay ta,,ran kon yahoo ID,ingat bheng,go pandan..

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