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  1. hi gen,ako gali si ramil angusto taga bagumbayan,permi kaw gli dya sa web it pandan?gin add ko ikaw sa ym ko sa yahoo.dya ako sa korea kaya,im sure nga wa kaw kakilala kanakon,wa man nakon ikaw makilala,pero syempre taga pandan kaw man mo ran nga nga interisado ako nga makilala kaw,man-an mo naga pasalamat gid ako hay may website ron ang pandan,daw madura ron ang kahidlaw kon kaisa,syempre makaistorya ta ang mga kasimaryo ta di bala.ya gali yahoo id ko,ramski66angus2 add mo ako ha,salamat gid,kag kamusta lang kanimo…go pandan

  2. Hello Jessie,

    Sorry, but we only help and support the Manggyans organize in conducting medical missions but no financial assistance on hospitalization. Other projects are Educational Scholarships by Pagtatap USA, and Bugang River clean-up, Alay-Kapwa among others by Pagtatap Youth.

  3. Jessie Gumboc-Mañaol says:

    hello..I just want to asked if the foundation also provides financial assistance for hospitalization?

    Thank you very much.

  4. janeth alojipan says:

    hello sa lhat ng tga antique!!actualy tga la union aku but my dad is tga antique…helo to my relatives der!!!

  5. janeth alojipan says:

    more power!!congratz to ol!!

  6. Hazel Alonsagay Naca-Pascual says:

    Hello to all Pandananons!!!! My mom, Victoria Alonsagay Naca hailed from Pandan, Antique and we were able to visit Pandan quite a few times when I was still young. I can’t forget the fiesta celebrations especially the ati-atihan. We would often go to Baybay and Malumpati with my cousins Elsie and Neneng Sespene, Ivy and Imee Alonsagay and many more. We used to ride Uncle Nia’s motorcycle…funny how 6 people could fit in that small bike. We used to stay at my lolo Macario’s house in Centro Sur which is now a common home for the Alonsagays.
    In Manila, I remember visiting Manang Aurora and Manong Art’s house in Las Pinas during Christmas. I will never forget Mama Lorning’s sweet smile and caring voice. Toto Lee Hector was just a small boy then. Those were all fond memories for me.
    My mom would still visit Pandan every now and then and she would mention familiar names of cousins, uncles & aunties and lolos & lolas. How I wish I could come home and visit Pandan once again.
    For the mean time, I will just continue visiting this site to keep me updated of the ongoings in my native Pandan as I know my roots are Pandananons and I’m so proud of it….

    Pandananon by heart!!!

    Hazel Pascual
    Sayreville, NJ

    I may not be able to speak karay-a but I sure can understand it.

  7. Hi,sheila,i remember you,kilala mo ako last time nga naga todlo kaw pa sa mag-aba ga communicate pa kita,Im Bheng Imelgen?Please send email to ,wants to hear something about you,dya ako sa Europe ron,mayad kaw pa Dyan ron man sa U.S.
    tingnan mo malayo pala ang mararating natin noh?he,he,..
    she,send email ha,chika tayo..palage ako onlinesa yahoo.messenger..ito add ko,

    Bheng Imelgen

  8. Holly Woodward says:

    Congratulations on your accomplishments, and best wishes for future success.

  9. Sheila Guerra says:

    I miss home. Home is Pandan specially Mag-aba. Mzta sa mga taga Mag-aba kapin mga tawo sa balay kag taga Mag-aba National High Scool. Miss you guys! I was invited by a relative to attend the November 17, 2007 dinner dance in Vegas, hopefully I can attend. Im looking forward for that event, that would be my first time to meet Pandananon in USA! More Power PAGTATAP! YOU’RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN EVERY PANDANON’S LIFE!

  10. hello sa tanan nga taga pandan labi ron gid sa taga DUMROG!!!
    lipay gid ko mag view it inyong guest book …there is a lot of differences…

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